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The American-made, patented, cETLus Certified, and GMP ready ACF1 Automatic Vaporizer Filling Machine is designed to fill virtually any oil vaporizer device available on the market. 


Automatically fill nearly every type of cartridge and POD as well as capsules, syringes and jars. Refill the glass 140ml heated oil reservoir during operation. Adjust the dispense volume precisely up to 1.1 ml. Quickly configure various tray arrays for new vape devices introduced into the market. Custom designed trays available for non-standard devices.

Dispense High and Low Viscosity Oils

Patented heated oil dispense system regulates oil viscosity. Fill high viscosity oils with extreme accuracy, precision and repeatability. Fine tune dispense speed and force for lower viscosity oils.

Rapid Oil Formula Changes and System Cleaning

Replace the food safe, laboratory grade, dispense system components in less than one minute to switch oil formulas. Rapidly clean the dispense components with less than one gram loss. Two full dispense component sets are included.

Touch Screen Controls

Control the filling operation using the simple and intuitive seven inch color touch screen. Adjust temperature and fill speed on the fly. Monitor operating parameters including cartridge tray fill status, real time diagnostics and alarms with complete alarm history.


Designed, manufactured, distributed and patented in the United States of America. Industrial control system with compliant materials and dispense components. Stainless steel check valves custom designed and manufactured specifically for oil filling applications. Exceptional customer support available for the lifetime of the machine.

Optional Data Acquisition System

The optional ACF-DA System data historian and reporting solution permanently stores a record for all system process variables for every cartridge or POD filled. The ACF-DA connects to multiple ACF1 machines.

Patented and Certified

Patented (United States Patent No. 10,440,989) and cETLus Certified for the USA and Canada (UL 61010-1, UL 61010-2, UL508, CSA C22.2, IEC 61010-1). Adheres to the rigorous Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines required for legal compliance.


Lightweight and portable benchtop design for quick and easy setup, operation, and cleaning. Requires 120V AC power and 40psi compressed air.

Designed to Fill High Viscosity Oils with Extreme Accuracy, Precision and Repeatability

① Quickly adjust the angle of the oil delivery system to accommodate any cartridge form factor

② Cartridge trays available for filling different device form factors including cartridges, pods, jars, syringes, and capsules

③ The oil dispense system can be precisely adjusted to fill any volume up to 1.1mL

④ Fill high viscosity oils and distillates with extreme accuracy, precision and repeatability

⑤ Less than 1mL product loss during product changeover

⑥ The 140ml glass, heated oil reservoir can be filled during operation

⑦ Seven inch touch screen for easy operation and total control of your filling process

⑧ System displays for cartridge tray, fill status and real time diagnostic alarms

⑨ Laboratory grade, food safe, replaceable components make switching between products quick and simple

⑩ Integrated pressure regulator

⑪ Portable benchtop design with adjustable height

⑫ Aluminum construction and stainless steel enclosure


25” MAX






65 LBS

Ambient Temperature

0-45 C (32-113 F)

 Glass Reservoir Capacity


Temperature Range of Reservoir

0-93 C (0 – 200 F)

Working Voltage

120VAC 60Hz Single Phase 

Power Consumption


Working Min Pneumatic Pressure

40 PSI*

Working Max Pneumatic Pressure

210 PSI*

Pneumatic Fitting Connection

Industrial ¼” Male

Number of Cartridges Per Tray


Max Cartridge Height


Max Cartridge Diameter


Product Loss


*Air compressor sold separately; use ANSI/ISA-7.0.01-1996 Quality Standard for Instrument Air.

**Cartridge fill times based on pure, uncut distillate at .5mL dispense (2019)