Professional Engineering for the Cannabis Industry

Professional Engineering for the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is very dynamic as national public opinion shifts more in favor of legalization every single day. As this transition happens, cannabis producers, processors, packagers and distributors are experiencing rapid growth to meet demand. Thompson Duke Industrial specializes in providing high level Professional Cannabis Engineering and Automation services. Specifically, to improve your efficiency, to increase your throughput, and to prevent product loss. We believe deeply in the power of cannabis and we support our clients by providing professional engineering services that are simple to use, reliable in their operation, and sustainable for your business and the environment.


Thompson Duke Industrial manufactures and distributes the ACF1 automatic cartridge filler and the MCF1 smei-automatic cartridge filler. We offer a full spectrum of vaporizer cartridge filling solutions at all cost levels.


Professional Engineering services to expand your Professional Cannabis services including automation; extraction; filling; dosing; water distribution, processing and treatment; HVAC and air management; and packaging.


Thompson Duke Industrial is the resource for helping Cannabis companies develop strategies that comply with new and emerging laws and regulations, tailored specifically to your own particular business needs and that address their specific risks.

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