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The Thompson Duke Industrial TPM Mouthpiece Press is a 30 ton industrial mouthpiece press capable of automatically capping up to 252 press-on mouthpieces onto disposable 510 cartridges at once.* Place filled Thompson Duke Industrial IZR or ACF1 trays directly from the filling machine into the TPM and press on all the mouthpieces with two-button automatic press control.


The TPM is a cUL control cabinet and hydraulic system built per ISO standards. The press system is built per CSA Code for Power Press Operation Z142010. Technology and continuing certification ensures the TPM press will fit into your cartridge filling facility design, operation and regulatory compliance.


Designed, manufactured, distributed in the United States of America. Industrial control system with compliant materials and components. Stainless steel construction manufactured specifically for oil filling applications. Exceptional customer support available for the lifetime of the machine.

Automatically Cap Multiple Press-On Mouthpieces

The TPM Mouthpiece Press is designed to automatically cap multiple, press-on mouthpieces for tamper resistant press style cartridges and devices. Capable of capping up to 252 cartridges at one time, the 30 ton TPM is the product of several years of development by Thompson Duke Industrial based on the real world requirements of industrial scale cartridge filling operations using technology to precisely align and seal your filled press-on cartridges rapidly, reliably and consistently.

Easy, Safe Operation

Two-button automatic control with the ability to control 1-30 tons of pressure with 200lb increments. Auto-locking safety door interlock and impact-resistant windows protect operators. Machine enclosure rests on casters with leveling feet for easy, safe maneuvering and securing. Very low maintenance system. Food grade hydraulic oil and stainless enclosure ensure easy cleaning and system management. The 120VAC hydraulics require no compressed air system.

Precision Touchscreen Control System

Intuitive and simple touchscreen control allows for easy automatic and manual control of entire capping process. Pressure-controlled operation guarantees applied force stays within operator-defined cartridge tolerance regardless of device height. Built-in fixture geometry aligns mouthpiece to cartridge for a straight press.

Streamlined Performance with Thompson Duke Filling Machines

Place filled Thompson Duke Trays directly from the IZR or ACF1 into the TPM after setting your mouthpieces with the Thompson Duke Mouthpiece Loader for immediate pressing. TPM performance accommodates multiple IZR or ACF1 filling machine operations and SOPs.