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Little JIM

The Thompson Duke Industrial Little JIM is a bolt on apparatus for the MCF1 and SVH Semi-Automatic Filling Machines for infusing a wide range of Prerolls with oils and concentrates. Manually control the distribution of the concentrate core in the center of a wide variety of Prerolls from the bottom-up, and infuse precisely any volume between of 0.05mL to 1.42mL. The Little JIM Joint Infusion Machine is an accurate and efficient solution for any infusion operation.

*SVH/MCF1 is not included with purchase of Little JIM.

Little JIM Product Brochure & Cutsheet PDF

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New Functionality and Backwards Compatibility

Turn your existing semi-automatic filling machine into a completely new tool. The Little Jim bolts onto any MCF1 or SVH and converts it into a Joint Infusion Machine. The custom designed, 3D printed apparatus can be changed out with a few screws and accommodates the most common pre-roll formats and folds in the industry. Manually infuse from the bottom up any desired volume from 0.05mL to 1.42.

*SVH/MCF1 is not included with purchase of Little JIM.

Weight 75 lbs


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