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Big JIM Infusion Machine

The Thompson Duke Industrial Big JIM is a fully automatic Joint Infusion Machine able to infuse a wide range of pre-rolled joints with oils and concentrates. Precision control of the dispense volume, draw speed, and dispense speed for bottom-up filling accurately dispenses oil in the center of the pre-roll joint with an infusing range of 0.05mL to 2.2mL. In addition to infusing pre-rolls the Big JIM is also capable of filling vaporizer cartridges and devices.

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Advanced Multi-Variable Dispense System Control

Advanced multi-variable, dual servo dispense system control allows for precise operator tuning of filling variables such as concentrate core volume, length, and vertical position within the center of the Preroll. Accurately control the infusion oil viscosity by tuning each of the four independent system heaters, as well as the draw speed and dispense speed settings. Adjust the bottom-up filling volumes from 0.05mL to 2.2mL by selecting any of three available dispense system sizes via the touchscreen; 0.5mL, 1.0mL, and 5.0mL. Rapidly transfer between Preroll infusion and cartridge/pod filling operation.

Innovative Versatility

Automatically fill Prerolls as well as cartridges, pods, capsules, syringes and jars. Featuring a large tray table able to accommodate up to 100 Prerolls or 252 cartridges. Refill the large 500mL heated glass oil reservoir during operation. Adjust the dispense capacity precisely up to 2.2mL via touchscreen control. Quickly configure tray arrays for new devices introduced into the market with custom designed trays* available for non-standard devices.

Rapid Oil Formulation Changes and System Cleaning

Replace the food safe, laboratory grade, dispense system components in less than one minute to switch oil formulations. Rapidly clean the dispense components with less than one gram loss.

Optimized Touch Screen Control System

Easily control the filling operation using the simple and intuitive color touch screen. Includes a serpentine filling pattern and ability to control table speed to increase throughput. Variable control for dispense volume, dispense speed, draw speed, draw time, dwell time, needle speed and table speed. Adjust temperature and fill speed on the fly. Monitor operating parameters including Preroll and cartridge tray fill status, real time diagnostics and alarms with complete alarm history.

American-Made, UL508 Certified and Compliant

Designed, manufactured, and distributed from the United States of America. Industrial control system with compliant materials and dispense components adheres to the rigorous Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines required for legal compliance. Stainless steel check valves custom designed and manufactured specifically for oil filling applications. Exceptional customer support available for the lifetime of the machine.


Lightweight and portable benchtop design only requires 120V AC power for quick and easy setup, and operation, and cleaning.

* Custom tooling may be required depending on manufacturer packaging

Weight 75 lbs
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