Automatic Filling Machine


The Automatic Filling Machine that can rapidly fill vessels. The Automatic Filling Machine can rapidly fill different form factors while automatically removing and replacing sealing plugs and controlling the flow of product.

The Patent Pending Automatic Filling Machine is designed and built by expert American automation engineers in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

Remove and Replace

Remove and Replace technology automatically removes and replaces sealing plugs allowing rapid filling.

Dispense Thick Fluid

The Automatic Filling Machine uses a heated product reservoir and delivery system to support high viscosity fluid without a pressure pot.

7” Touch Screen

Control everything with one touch utilizing the seven inch, color touch screen. Tray status, real time failure detection with diagnostic alarms, and a complete alarm history make using the Automatic Filling Machine simple and intuitive.

Minimize Downtime and Product Loss

Safe, laboratory grade, replaceable components make switching between products simple and affordable; a 140ml capacity, heated product reservoir can be filled dynamically during operation; and does not require cleaning between runs.

Portable & Safe

Lightweight, portable benchtop design requires only 120V AC power and 40psi compressed air, making setup, operation, and cleanup safe, quick, and painless.

American Made & Customizable

Designed, assembled, and distributed in the United States of America with the highest quality controls, components, and stainless steel; each Automatic Filling Machine can be customized to your specification.

  • The control system automatically removes and replaces the plugs
  • The dispense assembly can be easily oriented to an angle mount 
  • The tray accommodates 117 vessels and is designed to be very flexible for use with different form factors
  • The dispense system can be quickly adjusted to fill any volume up to 1ml
  • Supports high viscosity fluid without using a pressure pot
  • The 140ml heated oil reservoir can be filled dynamically during operation and does not require cleaning between runs
  • The intuitive color touch screen controls are designed for operators
  • System tuning parameters are controlled via the touch screen to optimize efficiency, with displays for tray status and real time diagnostic alarms
  • Laboratory grade, replaceable components make switching between products simple, with rapid change-over time and minimized product loss
  • Integrated pressure regulator
  • Portable benchtop design with adjustable height
  • Aluminum construction and stainless steel enclosure
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