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News Release: Thompson Duke Industrial Releases New Big JIM & Little JIM Joint Infusion Machines

New machines provide customers with all-in-one automatic and semi-automatic solutions to infuse oil in pre-rolled cannabis products and vape devices

Portland, Ore. – June 28, 2023 Thompson Duke Industrial, the leader in cannabis oil vaporizer device filling and capping equipment, has released its new line of machines for the infusion of pre-rolled cannabis products. The Big JIM (Joint Infuser Machine) is a brand-new automatic machine that infuses pre-rolled joints with cannabis oils and concentrates and can also fill vaporizer cartridges and devices. The Little JIM is an attachment that converts Thompson Duke Industrial’s MCF1 or SVH Semi-Automatic Filling Machines into a joint infusion machine. 

“The Big and Little JIM gives cannabis companies a seamless way to use automation to diversify their product portfolio and tap into the growing pre-roll market,” said M. Hogan, Managing Director from Thompson Duke Industrial. “We are excited to bring our custom vape solutions to the pre-roll space. These machines offer dual utility, serving as all-in-one solutions to enhance manufacturing efficiencies to meet all vape filling and pre-roll needs.”  

Key features of the Big JIM include:

  • Enhanced dispense system: Enables precise control of dispense volume, draw speed and dispense speed to ensure accurate and consistent infusion of oil into pre-rolled joints. The bottom-up filling mode allows for precise filling of volumes ranging from 0.05mL to 2.2mL. 
  • More versatility: Automatic filling of pre-rolled joints, cartridges, pods, capsules, syringes, and jars with a tray table that can accommodate up to 100 pre-rolls or 252 cartridges.
  • Ability to dispense high and low-viscosity oils: The patented oil heating dispense system allows customers to fill high and low-viscosity oils with extreme accuracy and precision, and can be repeated multiple times.
  • Efficient setup and system cleaning: Thelightweight and portable benchtop design only requires 120V AC power for operation. It also has the ability to switch between oil formulas in less than one minute and can clean components with less than one gram loss.
  • Optimized touch screen: User-friendly touch screen interface that allows for on-the-fly adjustment of temperature, fill speed, and real-time diagnostics of pre-rolls and cartridge tray fill status.  

Operators can attach the Little JIM apparatus to their existing MCF1 or SVH Semi-Automatic Filling Machines to manually and precisely infuse pre-rolled joints with cannabis oils and concentrates from the bottom up between volumes of 0.05mL to 2.2mL. The Little JIM attachment can be easily added and removed from the machinery with just a few screws, enabling seamless switching between vape devices and pre-rolls.

Both machines are American-made, GMP-ready, and cETLus certified in the U.S. and Canada and available for purchase. For more information about the JIM line of machines please visit

About Thompson Duke Industrial, LLC

Thompson Duke Industrial, LLC is an original equipment manufacturer, a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and the Canna Consortium, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Portland Engineering, Inc. The company’s Portland, Oregon operation designs, manufactures and distributes a line of patented, cETLus Certified, CE Certified and GMP-ready filling machines specifically designed for filling cannabis oil vaporizer devices and mouthpiece fastening machines as well as process performance and reporting data systems. With over 2,000 machines deployed in the cannabis industry, Thompson Duke Industrial is the leader in cannabis oil vaporizer device filling and capping equipment. The complete line of filling and capping machinery enables cannabis processors to be more successful by increasing accuracy, consistency, efficiency and overall throughput of vaporizer device fulfillment operations.



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