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Case Study: Automation Implementation Boosts Production by 10x

Automation implementation boosts production by 10x

Thompson Duke Provides Sano Gardens with the right equipment to continue to meet steep consumer demand and pursue business expansion goals

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Based in Denver, Colorado, Sano Gardens began its journey in the cannabis industry five and a half years ago, producing high-purity inhalable live resin products. From the beginning, Sano had big ambitions for creating the best products in the industry – starting with sourcing only from legitimate, high-quality cannabis growers for the creation of its signature products. In fact, prior to an agreement with any partner, the company has a stringent vetting process which includes inspection and testing to ensure products are up to their high standards.

Their approach worked. Awareness, attention and exposure for Sano Gardens’ brands rapidly grew among individuals in Colorado. In addition to its flagship live resin products, the company added new product lines such as live rosin, strain-specific distillate+live terpene products and flavored distillate products. A focus on quality raw products, superior extraction processes, and a unique ability to create exclusive products that stand out amongst competitors meant that the demand for Sano Gardens’ suite of cannabis products has steadily increased.


In the past year alone, the company’s growth has been particularly rapid. In 2021, the company employed approximately five individuals – a number which rose in just 12 months to more than 30 staff members. Company leadership knew that expanding their team to help fulfill the orders was pivotal for success. However, increased consumer demand also required more efficient and faster manufacturing processes in order to get products into the hands of end customers. 

The company’s manual processes were slowing down its business. Cartridges were filled by hand, one by one, at a rate of 1,000 units per month. As the products gained popularity, Sano realized that a serious upgrade was needed. They needed to automate.

Thompson Duke Industrial was a well-known name among staff members familiar with the cannabis equipment space, including the company’s automated IZR Vape Filling Machine for filling vape cartridges. Through a mutual connection between the companies and after further evaluation of the Thompson Duke’s offerings, the Sano Gardens team decided to make a key investment that would help solve their growth challenges.


By implementing Thompson Duke’s IZR Machine in the Fall of 2021, Sano Gardens found the perfect solution to fix its production capacity issues. The IZR allows Sano Gardens to fill 3,000 units in only a few hours a day and upward of 50,000 units a month – a monumental and critical business move to meet demand. As with its grower partners, Sano Gardens was seeking an equipment manufacturer with a solution that could also meet its discerning quality standards. 

Thompson Duke offers a full line of patented, cETLus Certified and GMP-ready filling machines. The IZR Automatic Filling Machine was designed specifically to streamline and create efficiencies for growing, larger scale cartridge filling and capping operations. Made in the United States, the versatile machine automatically fills cartridges and is backed by the company’s U.S.-based knowledgeable technical support and ongoing commitment to innovation in the space.

Sano Gardens has found that the IZR’s extremely accurate control over temperature, speed and force with an optimized color touch screen helps them precisely fill cartridges with everything from their top-tier live resin to their popular flavored distillate. In addition, Thompson Duke’s commitment to quality, and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines and other key excellence benchmarks, made them the right equipment partner. 

Growth of this size and in such a short amount of time emphasizes the quality, culture and best in class ethos that Sano Gardens emanates. Looking forward, the company hopes to expand its business into other states across the country. Without automation, such as that offered by Thompson Duke’s IZR Machine, it would be impossible for the company to scale to meet its expansion goals and the growing demand in the market.


“As we continue to scale our operation, Thompson Duke’s machine has been invaluable in helping us keep up with production demands through efficient automation. The equipment’s precision controls provide us with all the adjustments we need to fill cartridges with our entire product line, including delicate live resin and live rosin vape oils. In addition, Thompson Duke’s customer service is top notch, and they are always available if we need anything.”

Deen Shiffrin, Production Manager at Sano Gardens 

Custom Vaporizer Device Solutions
Sano Gardens’ commitment to high standards is also reflected in their choice of vaporizer device hardware
partner. They work with long-time industry leader, iHit Industries, which offers a full range of vape manufacturing and designs.
Thompson Duke worked collaboratively with the iHit and Sano Gardens teams to ensure that the fixtures and trays on its IZR Automated Filling Machine would work well with iHit’s unique Cartridges and All in One Vape Devices. All of Thompson Duke’s solutions are customizable to accommodate a wide range of vaporizer devices.