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Technology News: Cannabis Equipment News Covers Agile Manufacturing Solutions 

Our Client Services Manager, Mark Hoskins, was recently featured in Cannabis Equipment News, an esteemed news source for cannabis professionals, processors, manufacturers and growers. Mark offered tips about how to choose reliable, durable equipment to increase accuracy and efficiency. Below are a few features that cannabis processing facilities should consider: 

  • Your equipment should be certified, verified and qualified. Look for solutions that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations to guarantee consistent and controlled manufacturing. This will ensure you meet current and future regulations. 
  • Reliability is very important. Sometimes issues pop up and you’ll need the support of a trusted partner to help diagnose and resolve technical problems. You will have peace of mind if you work with a manufacturer with outstanding customer service, as you may need to troubleshoot issues in real time to ensure your operations run smoothly to meet production goals. 
  • Scalability and adaptability are also critical. This is one that shouldn’t be overlooked as new products are constantly being introduced in the market. You’ll want a machine that is flexible enough to accommodate changes in oil formulations, vape hardware, and can scale as your business expands. 
  • Work with a partner who is focused on continuous improvement. In such a fast-paced environment, you’ll want to make sure your manufacturer has a forward-thinking product development process and an eye on future proofing your business. 

He concludes the article with: “The cannabis vape space is ever-changing. It’s imperative to choose reliable, durable equipment that can help you stay current with the constant change in the cannabis space. Although it’s difficult to predict the future, it’s clear that agility is necessary in an evolving, growing and maturing industry.”

Read more about why it is imperative to implement agile manufacturing solutions in order to keep up with the evolving cannabis vape market here: