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Technology News: IZR Automated Filling Machine Spotlight in Packaging World Magazine

We were recently featured in Packaging World Magazine, along with our partners from Festo and one of our clients Pyramid Pens, now operating as Loud Labs. In the article, the author gave an overview of how automating their filling process with our machines helped streamline operations and keep up with demand, ultimately helping Loud Labs fill large orders up to four times faster.

The article talks about the challenges Loud Labs faced filling their cartridges with a manual process, for example:
Accuracy: It was extremely difficult to consistently fill vape devices of different shapes and sizes with the right allocation of oil, as noted by Jake Berry, the CEO of Loud Labs. “We would have kilos of compounds coming out of the extractor,” says Berry, CEO. “The compounds would then be mixed into our various formulations to create our unique offerings. And then we sat with small syringes to laboriously draw the oil out of flasks and dispense a specified volume into a cartridge.”
Slow manual process: Loud Labs was drawing and dispensing oil via a syringe by hand, so a team member could only produce 100 to 200 cartridges per hour.
Dealing with various viscosities: Each oil formulation had a different viscosity, which was greatly impacting the process of drawing and dispensing.

Then the article shares how our patented IZR automated filling machine helped Loud Labs increase accuracy and reduce waste. Below are a few highlights:

Temperature control: Chris Gardella, CTO, talks about how our cartridge filling machine features a heated reservoir to handle various viscosity of oils. “One thing about designing a cannabis cartridge filling machine that we knew was extremely important was solving the issue of variable viscosity of the oil,” says Chris Gardella, CTO, Thompson Duke Industrial. “Cannabis oil does not behave like any other fluid. Each oil formula will have a different native viscosity. Some formulations may be so thick that the oil will not pour out of the jar at room temperature.”
Streamline automated process: The IZR automated filling machine has the potential to fill up to 1,000 cartridges per hour. This single machine could do the work of four employees with higher accuracy and less waste.
Oil changeover: our machine also offers changeover from one oil to the next in less than 60 seconds, extremely helpful for a company with multiple formulations, like Loud Labs.

Learn more about why Loud Labs decided we were the right partner for the job and how the patented IZR automated filling machine helped them keep up with demand, cut on labor costs and expand into new markets here: