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Industry Insights: Cannabis Equipment News Podcast: How to Stay Competitive within the Cannabis Industry Featuring Vlad Valme, Sales Director of Thompson Duke Industrial

Our Sales Director, Vlad Valme started his career in the cannabis industry as a budtender nearly ten years ago and never looked back. He recently had the exciting opportunity to speak with David Mantey at Cannabis Equipment News podcast to discuss ways to stay competitive within the cannabis industry.

For those of you new to the story, Thompson Duke Industrial (TDI) offers high-end machinery to cannabis companies looking to automate their vape cartridge filling process. In addition, TDI is proud to be 100% made in the United States.

The discussion began with a conversation  about the components of the machinery and the ease of utilization. Luckily for its clients TDI’s machinery is very easy to use with very little to no training required. Moreover, the machinery is easy to assemble and ready to fill cartridges in under five minutes. In addition to being user friendly, the machinery is simple to clean with components that are easily removable to clean off and reassemble. 

Vlad then talks about how demand for cannabis vape products is skyrocketing. Last year, the market grew at a staggering rate of approximately 87% specifically in the live resin vape market. The live resin portion of the cannabis industry continues to grow and is expected to continue as more consumers become interested in the more high-end/craft space of the industry. He notes that TDI does not have a problem keeping up with the demand because we have strategically positioned the company to meet the high demand and to fulfill our orders to our customers. 

As demand for cannabis vape products continues to rise, one of the things we really value as a company is efficiency and precision. During the podcast, Vlad went into detail about the importance of accuracy when filling vape cartridges and what it means for business owners in the cannabis industry. Having an automated machine to do the process allows a company to fulfill more orders faster, by leaving behind manual, time-consuming workflows. Operators simply press a button on the machine, while they work on additional tasks during their work day. TDI machines offer operators and business owners freedom of worry, as the machines precisely fill each cartridge with very little wasted material. This is a crucial part of staying competitive in the cannabis industry, as small amounts of wasted product can add up rapidly and negatively affect the bottom line. 

As many manufacturing companies experienced supply chain issues as a lingering effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, TDI faced similar challenges. There was a shortage of specific metals, chips and other materials required to build our machinery. Strong relationships and partnerships that we’ve built along our supply chain, and a forward-thinking strategic plan, has meant that  we can continue to ensure orders can be fulfilled now and in the future. Vlad also touches on our plans for the future, as we consider if and when cannabis becomes federally legal. We prioritize securing all the latest certifications, and meeting all the requirements of various regulatory hoops and hurdles. All of our machines are GMP compliant and we are proud to say that we also have cTELus certifications on many of our machines. We have spent the necessary capital to ensure our business and machinery is future-proof and we are prepared to receive orders from all over the country, and beyond, if and when that time comes. 

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